Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen

Nordenfjelske Museum of Applied Art, Tronheim, Norway

Oslo Museum of Applied Art, Oslo, Norway

MoMa, New York

Art Gallery and Museums and The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England

Staatliches Museum Für Angewante Kunst, Köln, Germany

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

Garden furniture for Museum of Decorative Art, Copenhagen 1

Rud Thygesen Architect MAA, Rungsted Strandvej 74, 2960 Rungsted
Cellphone: 3312 3242 Phone: 4588 2318 Email:


Danmarks Nationalbanks Anniversary Foundation of 1968

Honorary award from the Danish Furniture Manufacturers' Association

Price in a Scandinavian design competition

Grant from Alex Foss Industrial Foundation

Several pieces puchased by the Danish State Art Foundation

Danish Furniture Price

American Institute of Business Designers Award, New York

The "G" Price, Japan

"Best of show", Design Foundation, USA

Oscar Snai, France

Bruno Mathsson Price

Design Prize Schweitz

MMI Prize

Award for good Industrial Design, Hanover

Nominated for the European Design Award

Lifelong Artists Grant from the Danish State Art Foundation